All Teachers Deserve Adequate Retirement Benefits. It’s Harder Than You Think To Get Them

Chad Aldeman is an associate partner at Bellwether Education Partners and a former policy advisor at the U.S. Department of Education. This post was originally published on TeacherPensions.org. How many teachers should be eligible for adequate retirement benefits? My answer is all of them: For every year they work, teachers should accumulate benefits ...

The Pension vs. 401k Debate Harms Teachers

This post originally appeared on TeacherPensions.org. Each year, around 150,000 new teachers are hired to work in American public schools. Those teachers might not pay much attention to their retirement except to note that they’re enrolled in their state’s pension plan. A “pension plan” sounds good, safe, and secure, much ...

Are Teacher Pensions Too Generous, Or Not Generous Enough?

This post was originally published on TeacherPensions.org. Michael Hiltzik of the L.A. Times and Andrew Biggs of AEI had a spirited Twitter debate recently about whether state pension plans were too generous or not generous enough. They were arguing specifically about California and mostly NOT about teachers, but there are kernels of truth in both ...
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