Employee Savers Say Don’t Worry, Be Happy

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According to a recent poll by Gallup and Wells Fargo, most investors with a 401(k) plan are upbeat about their plan and their savings. Over 90 percent of investors, according to the study, are satisfied with the 401(k) plan for their retirement. Vladimir Putin couldn’t even stuff a ballot box that would generate this level of satisfaction.

Gallup announced the results of the survey, conducted with Wells Fargo, stating:

These findings are from the latest Wells Fargo/Gallup Investor and Retirement Optimism Index survey, conducted Jan. 29-Feb. 7, 2016, among 1,012 U.S. investors. Approximately 40% of U.S. adults meet the survey’s criteria as investors; these criteria involve having $10,000 or more invested in stocks, bonds or mutual funds, either in an investment or retirement account. Seven in 10 employed investors say their current employer offers a 401(k) — and of these, 88% say they participate.

Some generational differences among attitudes included the following:

…age-related differences in preference for receiving allocation advice underscore generational gaps in the use of digital versus traditional resources:

– A majority of investors younger than 50 (58%) versus a third of those aged 50 and older (35%) use online investment calculators.

– Older investors are twice as likely as those aged 18 to 49 to consult a financial call center (21% vs. 10%, respectively).

– Younger investors (50%) are also much more likely than older investors (30%) to turn to family or friends for allocation advice.

Looks like a kind of two parallel universes – some surveys saying that investors are terrified of poverty in retirement, but this one showing that the future is so bright they need sunglasses.

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