Video: Africa Pension Executive Talks Investment Strategy, Funding

Here’s an interview with John Oliphant, principle executive of the Government Employees Pension Fund.

The GEPF is the largest institutional investor in Africa; it manages $114 billion in pension assets for over a million workers.

Oliphant talks about the fund’s investment strategy, performance and funding progress.

Video: South African Pension Head Talks Investing for the Future

In this video, John Oliphant – Head of Investments at the $106 billion Government Employees Pension Fund of South Africa – discusses “irresponsible” investing and how his fund is investing with sustainability issues in mind. How has the strategy worked out for the GEPF? And would it work with other funds?

Oliphant begins by giving some talking points about the GEPF, and the real discussion begins around the 5:00 mark.

South Africa’s Top Pension Executive Fired Over Misconduct


The top executive of South Africa’s $128 billion Government Employees Pension Fund was fired Wednesday after the fund determined he was guilt of misconduct.

From Bloomberg:

John Oliphant has been dismissed as the principal executive officer of South Africa’s $128 billion Government Employees Pension Fund for misconduct, the continent’s largest administrator of retirement assets said.

Oliphant, who was suspended in October 2013, “has been dismissed following the finalization of a disciplinary process that found him guilty of the charges of misconduct levelled against him,” the fund, known as the GEPF, said in a statement today.

Oliphant was suspended after breaching GEPF policy on payments to suppliers, according to a PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP report obtained by Bloomberg News. GEPF’s board of trustees was satisfied that due process was followed in the disciplinary hearing, the fund said.

“I am attempting to meet with the chairperson of the board to get clarity on the matter,” Oliphant said in an earlier e-mailed response to questions following a report of his dismissal.

The GEPF has 1.43 trillion rand ($128 billion) in funds and reserves. More than 1.5 million South Africans have retirement funds with the organization, which is also the single-biggest investor in Johannesburg’s stock exchange.

Oliphant said he is unclear on exactly why he was fired. Bloomberg reported that the firing stemmed from breaching a policy regarding payments to suppliers.

Oliphant earned a salary of about $224,000 last fiscal year.