Russia Diverts Pension Contributions To Plug Other Budget Holes

For the second straight year, Russia has decided to freeze its contributions to its pension funds and instead use the money to plug budget holes elsewhere. Russia says the money will be used for more pressing needs elsewhere in the budget. But critics claim the action could be a costly one. Russia Beyond The Headlines reports: For the second year in ...

Which Pension Fund Is Best At Investing In Private Equity? The Results Are In

Reuters PE Hub recently surveyed 160 public pension funds across the country in an attempt to pinpoint the fund with the highest-performing private equity portfolio. The results of the survey were released this month, and the fund with the best performance from private equity was the San Diego City Employees Retirement System (SDCERS). From KUSI News: SDCERS’ ...

Illinois, Kentucky Pension Funds Benefit From $17 Billion Bank of America Settlement

A handful of pension funds will be receiving large chunks of change after Bank of America agreed today to pay $17 billion to end a Justice Department probe into the bank’s sale of toxic mortgage securities. The Justice Department alleged that Bank of America violated federal law when it marketed and sold investment vehicles tied to shoddy home loans ...

Troubled Dallas Fund Returns 4.4 Percent For 2013

The Dallas Police and Fire Pension Fund (DPFPF) knew 2013 wasn’t going to be a great year for investment returns. They knew this because 2012 wasn’t a great year, and neither were the five years prior. Even as numerous funds across the country have struggled with maintaining strong investment returns over that period, the DPFPF was performing worse ...

As Some Pension Funds Phase Out Hedge Funds, Others Phase Them In

There were big headlines earlier this month when CalPERS announced its decision to chop its hedge fund allocation by 40 percent. The news was big not just because it was CalPERS, but because the decision followed in the wake of similar decisions made by smaller funds around the country. The Los Angeles Fire & Police Pension System might not be ...

The Lawsuit That Could Legalize Pay-To-Play For Pension Fund Investments

Here’s a scenario to chew on: An investment firm makes a campaign contribution to a city mayor. Later, the mayor appoints members to the city’s pension board. The pension board decides to hire the aforementioned investment firm to handle the pension fund’s investments. Does something seem fishy about that situation? The SEC says yes, and they ...

Canada Pension Plan’s Quarterly Returns Come Up Short; New $500 Million Investment On Horizon

The numbers are in for the Canada Pension Plan’s investment performance over the first quarter of fiscal year 2015, and the country’s largest pension fund probably isn’t thrilled with the results. The CPP returned 1.6 percent over the three month period ended June 30. Far from disastrous, the performance still falls short of its peers: the median ...

Survey: Pensions Funds Will Continue To Increase Alternative Investments


After Massive Investment Losses, Michigan Pension Funds Benefit From Settlements with AIG, Private Equity Firms

AIG revealed in an SEC filing this week that it plans to pay out a massive sum of money to settle an ongoing lawsuit claiming the firm misled investors on the quality of certain investments prior to the 2008 financial crisis. The total settlement: $970.5 million. And certain pension funds in Michigan will likely see a chunk of that change. That’s ...

Could Climate Change Deplete Your Pension?

If oil, gas and coal companies were to face serious financial difficulty, the average person might anticipate the annoyance of a higher heating bill, or having to cough up more cash to fill up at the gas station. They probably don’t think about their pension—but maybe they should. Earlier this year, members of the British Parliament sent out a ...
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