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Chart: Reasons For Lack of Retirement Confidence Among Public Workers

Public workers aren’t confident about having enough income and savings to last through retirement. Why? The number one reason is inadequate savings. A significant portion of people (15 percent) are also worried that state and local-level pension reforms will cut into their pension benefits.   Chart credit: Retirement Confidence Survey 2014

Illinois Supreme Court Expedites Pension Reform Appeal

The Illinois Supreme Court on Wednesday complied with a request by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to fast track the hearing over the state’s pension reform law, which a lower court found unconstitutional. From Reuters: The court ordered public labor unions and retiree groups challenging the law and the state to file their briefs in January ...

Are Affluent Households As Worried About Retirement As Everyone Else?

Are affluent households worrying about having enough money to last through retirement? According to a survey from Bank of America, the short answer is “yes” – in fact, it’s one of their biggest concerns. Bank of America polled 1,000 “affluent” people with investable assets of between $50,000 and $250,000. The results were published in the ...

Think Tank Director: Corbett’s Pension Proposal Would Increase Pension Debt and Reduce Benefits

Stephen Herzenberg, the executive director of the Keystone Research Center, took to the newspaper on Monday to counter Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett’s argument that the best bet for saving the state’s pensions would be to switch new hires into a 401(k)-type plan. Herzenberg claims in an op-ed that such a plan would provide no savings for the state, ...
Graph With Stacks Of Coins

Retirement Confidence Climbing (For Most) As Workers Become More Engaged With Their Plan

A recent survey reveals that more workers are confident in their retirement income in 2013 than in 2009, but most are still worried about their long-term prospects–especially those 50 and older. From Pension Benefits: Retirement confidence climbed between 2009 and 2013, and nearly one-quarter of employees are now Very confident’ of having ...
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