CalPERS, CalSTRS Nab $300 Million From Settlement With S&P in Suit Over Mortgage Ratings

The CalSTRS Building
The CalSTRS Building

It was revealed today that credit rating agency Standards & Poor’s has entered a $1.375 billion settlement with 18 states over the alleged inflated ratings it gave mortgage-backed securities which eventually turned toxic.

CalPERS and CalSTRS are the biggest individual beneficiaries of the settlement; the entities will receive more than $300 million combined.

More from the Sacramento Bee:

CalPERS said it will receive $301 million from S&P. CalSTRS said it will get $23 million.

“This money belongs to our members and will be put back to work to ensure their long-term retirement security,” said CalPERS Chief Executive Anne Stausboll in a prepared statement.


“S&P played a central role in the crisis that devastated our economy by giving AAA ratings to mortgage-backed securities that turned out to be little better than junk,” said Stephanie Yonekura, acting U.S. attorney for Los Angeles, in a prepared statement. “This historic settlement makes clear the consequences of putting corporate profits over honesty in the financial markets.”


With the S&P settlement, CalPERS said it has now recovered approximately $900 million in settlements from bad investments made during the bubble. The big pension fund already settled with Fitch but is continuing to press its suit against Moody’s.

The Justice Department statement on the settlement, which includes a list of the states receiving money, can be read here.


Photo by Stephen Curtin

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