Illinois Lawmakers Introduce Bill Barring Pensions From Investing In Trump’s Wall

Illinois Democrats this week introduced a bill that would bar the state’s pension funds from investing in any company that gets a contract to work on president-elect Donald Trump’s still-hypothetical “Wall”.

The Wall, one of the cornerstones of Trump’s campaign, seems less likely to happen lately. But if construction does begin, lawmakers don’t want Illinois’ pension money to be part of “a message of hate to immigrants in this country”.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Democratic lawmakers unveiled legislation on Tuesday that would prevent Illinois pension funds from investing in any companies that hold contracts to help build a wall along the Mexican border, as promised by President-elect Donald Trump.

Sponsoring Rep. Will Guzzardi, who represents a majority Latino district on Chicago’s Northwest Side, said the bill is designed to send a message that taxpayer funds should not “be used to help send a message of hate to immigrants in this country.”

“Walls aren’t terribly effective with keeping people out,” Guzzardi said. “What walls are, walls are symbols. And Donald Trump’s proposal to build a wall with our border is trying to send a message that the people on the other side of that wall are dangerous.”

Under the legislation, the Illinois Investment Policy Board would conduct a review every four months to ensure the state is not investing in companies that receive federal contracts to work on the border wall. Last year, lawmakers approved legislation that required the state pension systems to stop investments in companies that boycott Israel.


Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner declined to weigh in on the legislation, saying he needed to review it further. But he said it was time to move past the “appalling” rhetoric of the campaign, saying “the people of Illinois value inclusion and tolerance and diversity.”


Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr CC License

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