New Jersey’s Pension Systems – Visualized

Over the last few months, Pension360 has collected and analyzed the pension records of over 1,000,000 annuitants in New Jersey’s state-level pension systems.

We used the data to create a visual “snapshot” of each system — a way to see benefit payouts in a different, simple light.

The resulting heat maps, which can be seen below, visualize how benefits are distributed amongst the state’s pensioners, system by system.

[Click here to see our visualizations of Illinois pension systems.]

First, read the following instructions on how to read the maps (click to enlarge):

NJ Explainer


With the explanations out of the way, here are the heat maps of New Jersey’s seven state-level pension systems (click any of the maps for enlargement).


TRS heat map

SPRS Heat MapPERS Heat Map

JRS Heat Map

PFRS Heat Map

CPFPF Heat Map

POPF Heat Map


 Photo by Lu Lacerda via Flickr CC License

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