University of California Snags CIO from Sacramento Pension


The University of California has hired former Sacramento County pension chief Scott Chan, according to Chief Investment Officer.

Chan, who will reportedly start on February 17, will be the University’s managing director of public equity.

More from Chief Investment Officer:

Chan has been named senior managing director of public equity, responsible for upwards of $35 billion in endowment, retirement, and operational assets.

The former hedge fund manager took over the Sacramento County Employees’ Retirement System in 2010. Under Chan’s leadership, the $7 billion portfolio climbed from five-year returns in the bottom quartile of public plans to the 53rd percentile as of September 30, 2014.

He spearheaded several opportunistic plays, including a separate account for purchasing discounted infrastructure secondaries. Last month, Chan and the fund took home the CIO Industry Innovation Award for public plans under $15 billion.


[Jagdeep] Bachher, who took over as CIO in April 2014, has executed a nearly wholesale overhaul of the division’s staff, organizational structure, and compensation scheme.

Identifying and promoting internal talent was his first step in the reorganization, the Canadian sovereign wealth fund alum told CIO in November.

“Second,” he said, “you need to bring in external people. Target those with experience who’ve had leadership roles. Hence, CIOs at other institutions who want to go back to investing have been very attractive.”

In the last few months, the University of California investment officer has made over a dozen new hires and promotions. Read more about the personnel changes here.