Urban Institute Launches Public Pension Tool – “Build Your Own Pension Plan”

building blocks

The Urban Institute has released its “Build Your Own Pension Plan” tool, which allows users to construct and analyze the costs and benefits of self-made pension plans.

The tool, outlined by Pensions & Investments:

State and local governments dealing with pension challenges can use a new tool from the Urban Institute in Washington to model possible changes.

The independent think tank released on Tuesday the interactive tool, “Build Your Own Pension Plan.”

As part of its Public Pensions Project, the Urban Institute also has a pension report card that grades states on pension funding, retirement security for both short-term and long-term employees, and workforce incentives.

New approaches like cash balance plans and offering annuities for public-sector workers score well on the report card, said Richard Johnson, senior fellow and program director for retirement policy at the Urban Institute. While they don’t solve current underfunding woes, “they represent the kind of bold thinking needed to address the pension challenges confronting state and local governments. There are better ways of reforming pensions that can provide public servants with secure retirements and still save taxpayers money,” Mr. Johnson said in a statement.

Use the tool here.


Photo by  Michael Scott via Flickr CC License

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