San Bernardino, Bondholders Trade Jabs in Court

A few of San Bernardino’s biggest creditors admitted in court on Wednesday that they are doing everything they can to prevent the city from going through with its current bankruptcy plan – which involves paying CalPERS in full, but shorting other bondholders. The creditors argued that all creditors – including CalPERS – should be treated with ...
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San Bernardino Bankruptcy Plan Will Impair Bondholders, Not Pensions, Says City Lawyer

The attorney for the bankrupt California city of San Bernardino on Thursday said that pensions would not be altered in the course of the city’s bankruptcy. The statement was important, because it was the first official word from the city that pensioners would be given much higher priority than its bondholders. Observers are watching San Bernardino ...

San Bernardino Sued By Creditor For Favoring Pension System During Bankruptcy

The bankrupt city of San Bernardino, California has been sued by one of its bondholders for favoring pensioners over creditors during its bankruptcy. San Bernardino has largely kept up with its payments to CalPERS. But the lawsuit claims the city has not extended equal favor to its bondholders. From BusinessWeek: Pension-bond holder Erste Europaische ...
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