Pension Transparency Bill Moves Forward in Kentucky House

A bill is moving forward in the Kentucky House that would increase the transparency around investments made by the state’s retirement systems. The Senate unanimously passed the measure last month. The bill would require the state’s pension funds to disclose the use of placement agents, any fees paid to those agents, and more. An official summary ...

Kentucky Lawmakers to Push for Pension Reforms Before Funding Teachers’ System

The Kentucky General Assembly is considering issuing billions of dollars worth of bonds to help fund the state’s Teachers’ Retirement System (KTRS). But the funding may come with a catch as many lawmakers want to attach strings to the funds, which range anywhere from forcing new transparency requirements on the system to making benefit changes. From ...

The Lawsuit That Could Legalize Pay-To-Play For Pension Fund Investments

Here’s a scenario to chew on: An investment firm makes a campaign contribution to a city mayor. Later, the mayor appoints members to the city’s pension board. The pension board decides to hire the aforementioned investment firm to handle the pension fund’s investments. Does something seem fishy about that situation? The SEC says yes, and they ...
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