Paul Singer: CalPERS’ Hedge Fund Exit Was “Off-Base”

Paul Singer, a hedge fund manager, activist investor and billionaire, wrote in a recent letter to clients that CalPERS’ exit from hedge funds was “off-base”. CalPERS said at the time that its decision to exit hedge funds was based on their “complexity, cost and the lack of ability to scale at CalPERS’ size”. Singer responded to those criticisms, ...

Pension Funds Need To Stay Out of the “Bargain Bin” When Shopping For Hedge Funds

More than ever, pension funds are negotiating fees with hedge funds in an effort to lower the expenses associated with those investments. That sounds like a wise course of action. But a new column in the Financial Times argues that pension funds need to stop shopping in the “bargain bin” for hedge funds—because the hedge funds that are willing ...

Advisors Question Hedge Fund Fee Structure

In light of CalPERS’ recent pullback from hedge funds, scores of investment consultants are coming out of the woodwork advocating for changes to the “2 and 20” fee structure traditionally used by hedge funds. Towers Watson research chief Damien Loveday told the Wall Street Journal yesterday: “We believe a better way of tackling fees is by assessing ...
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