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Chart: Pension Funds on Long-Term Investing

Investments & Pensions Europe released the results of a survey recently that asked pension funds to answer questions about long-term investing: do pension funds consider themselves long term investors? What makes long-term investing difficult? What are the advantages of taking a long view? The survey results are interesting in light of a recent ...

Norway Pushes Pensions to Up Investments in Domestic Private Equity

A report released by the Norwegian government encourages the country’s pension funds to increase their investments in domestic private equity; the country is looking to boost the financing of its more innovative companies. According to the report, interest in domestic private equity has fallen rapidly in the last eight years. From Investments and ...

Study: Despite Improvements, Pension Fund Governance Cause for “Concern”

A new paper by Keith Ambachtsheer and John McLaughlin dives into pension fund governance and concludes that, although governance has improved, there are still causes for “concern”. From ai-cio.com: Pension funds and other major investors are failing to act sufficiently to promote good governance and long-term investing, according to a new study. […] They ...

Survey: Institutional Investors Often Driven Towards Short-Term Thinking

Previous surveys have shown that pension funds almost universally consider themselves long-term investors. But their investment decisions, by their own admittance, can often reflect short-term thinking. A new survey sheds some light on the factors and pressures that cause pension funds to break away from long-term thinking. Summarized by Chief Investment ...

Pension Funds Push G20 Leaders to Regulate and Reform With Long-Term Investing in Mind

Pension funds and other investors participating in the Fiduciary Investors Symposium at Harvard University have written a letter to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott encouraging him and other G20 leaders to implement regulations and reforms that encourage long-term investing. [The letter can be read at the bottom of this post.] Australia is hosting ...

Lowenstein: Do Pension Fund Make Investing Too Complex?

Former New York Times financial writer Roger Lowenstein wonders in his new Fortune column whether pension investments have become too complex. Lowenstein’s thesis: Pricey consultants have convinced many pension funds to pile into private equity, real estate and hedge funds, which don’t necessarily promise higher returns or long-term investing. […] [Pension ...

An Optimist’s View of Long-Termism In Institutional Investing

Investments & Pensions Europe released a survey today indicating that three of every four pension funds consider themselves long term investors. But they disagreed on the specifics of long-termism. In light of the survey, here’s an article by Theresa Whitmarsh, Executive Director of the Washington State Investment Board, discussing how pension ...

Video: CalSTRS CIO Talks Long Term Investing And Handling Market Volatility

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