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Chart: Which Type of Private Equity Investors Are Most Resistant to Letting An Underperforming Fund Change It’s Terms?

Consider this scenario: A limited partner invests money in a private equity fund under a certain set of terms and conditions. But eventually, it becomes clear the fund isn’t achieving the preferred performance and the general partner (PE firm) approaches the LP to re-set the terms of the deal. A recent survey asked institutional investors whether ...

General Partners Gain Upper Hand Over Pension Funds As Raising Capital Becomes Easier

Pensions & Investments released an interesting report yesterday outlining the balance of power in the private equity world between general partners and pension funds. In the last few years, the balance of power has shifted dramatically towards GP’s, according to the report. From Pensions & Investments: Until the 2008 financial crisis, general ...

Video: Pension Funds Looking to Take on More Risk

In the above interview, Ian Hamilton, head of asset owners at State Street, talks about his research suggesting pension funds are looking to take on more risk to help close funding gaps. Hamilton also touches on collaboration between pension funds and government on infrastructure projects.

Fiduciary Capitalism, Long-Term Thinking and the Future of Finance

John Rogers, CFA, penned a thoughtful article in a recent issue of the Financial Analysts Journal regarding the future of finance – and how pension funds and other institutional investors could usher in a new era of capitalism. From the article, titled “A New Era of Fiduciary Capitalism? Let’s Hope So”: From my perspective, a new era of capitalism ...

The Case For Long-Termism in Pension Investments

Pension funds, more so than other investors, operate on a particularly long time horizon. But that doesn’t mean funds can’t succumb to short-term thinking. Keith Ambachtsheer, Director Emeritus of the International Centre for Pension Management at the University of Toronto, makes the case for more long-term thinking at pension funds in a recent ...

Some Private Equity Firms Want More Opacity In Dealings With Pension Funds

Private equity firms are growing uncomfortable with the amount of information disclosed by pension funds about their private equity investments. PE firms are cautioning their peers to make sure non-disclosure agreements are in place to prevent the public release of information that firms don’t want to be made public. Stephen Hoey, chief financial ...
Balancing The Account

Is Now the Time For Pension Funds To Push Back On Fees?

CalPERS cut ties with hedge funds because, among other reasons, the fees associated with those investments. Some money managers and pension fund staff are saying that now is the perfect time for other pension funds to speak up about their aversion to fee-heavy investments. The managers told Reuters: “Pension funds and everyone else would be remiss ...

Zimbabwe Looks To Attract American Pension Funds

Zimbabwe is hoping the latest re-vamp of its stock exchange settlement times will attract traders from around the world – including American pension funds. Reported by All Africa: ZIMBABWE is hoping for an increase in foreign traders on the local bourse following the launch of the Central Securities Depository which will reduce settlement time frames ...

Survey: 88% of Pension Funds Prefer Hiring Firms They’ve Already Worked With

A recent survey from consulting firm Aon Hewitt suggests that pension funds looking to hire consultants or outsource investment management duties will overwhelmingly consider firms they’ve already worked with over those they haven’t. This survey comes from Britain—but it’s a safe bet that funds in the U.S. behave similarly. Reported by Financial ...

Pension Funds Stay Silent on Corporate Tax Avoidance

Pension funds are no strangers to using their clout to push for changes within the companies they invest in—in the last few years, dozens of funds have called for more sustainable business practices from fossil fuel-oriented companies and advocated new safety guidelines for gun manufacturers. But on one issue, public pension funds are remaining silent. ...
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